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CoconutLine is a 100% community-led volunteer group based in Kihei to support Maui residents impacted by natural disaster. We are currently serving those impacted by the 2023 Maui wildfires. We currently operate two store fronts in Kihei providing clothing, home goods and other supplies.

CoconutLine's Story

CoconutLine (formerly also know as South Maui Disaster Relief)  began with neighbors coming together at South Maui Community Park and operating a supply tent from August 13-October 9, 2023. This effort was made possible by the leadership and steadfastness of Kalani Au Hoon who started the effort that first day. Kalani was the dedicated through line directing operations as both community members and visiting volunteers staffed the tent.  


In September 2023 we opened our Clothing Shop in the Akeka Makai shopping plaza. In October 2023 we opened our Home Goods shop, also in Azeka.


In December 2023 CoconutLine officially registered as a nonprofit. We brought the Keiki Shack location under our group, and merged the Keiki items and home goods into the Azeka Makai old Radio Shack suite.


We appreciate each and every volunteer who has donated supplies and their time to contribute to this important cause.  Please consider joining us and signing up for volunteer shifts at the link below. Mahalo!



To connect with the CoconutLine ohana, please join the "CoconutLine" Facebook group, follow us on Instagram, or email us.

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